Podcast 099: One Bite at a Time

Reconnecting with our idea of “bitesize” Irish. Why small pieces?

Well, it’s not your fault. The Irish language can seem overwhelming and daunting. We can end up with self-blame and self-judgement for not understanding more, not being “better”.

But this is a calling. A life-long journey. By accepting that the journey is already good enough in its own right, you can then accept that each little bite is also worth the effort.

The question then is, how will you make the habit of a daily bite of the Irish language be part of your everyday life?

Thanks to Tsukumo for their music on this episode, under a Creative Commons licence.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 099: One Bite at a Time”

  1. I have made several attempts to join the Bitesize programme. This application is a further attempt to bring the Irish language of my ethnic roots into my everyday life. Best wishes, Michael Cotter.

  2. So Eoin. In bearla are you call Owen O’Connor? I subscribe to Duo Lingo which has a crappy but affordable way to stay engaged in the language. I would like to suggest a more affordable way for Bite Sized to offer something similar?

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