Podcast 095: The Workshop Approach

Could you take a “workshop” approach to organising your fellow Irish language learners, so that you all move toward being of Gaeilge?

Even as a dedicated attendee of Irish language classes, that usually only happens once per week. How can you expect to advance your mastery of a language if you don’t use it every day?

Gaeilge GACH Lá. Irish EVERY Day.

Fluent speakers of the Irish language are also a relatively scarce resource. Unless you could employ one (!) you probably can’t get in front of an Irish language speaker daily.

Author Robert Greene asserts in Mastery that repetition is a key part of the journey toward mastery.

Consider organising yourself and fellow learners through workshops. A workshop is:

  • Time-limited. It can run full time over a day or two, or part time over a few weeks.
  • Not dependent on an Irish language speaker to be available. Through role-play, practice, and asking questions, much of your work can be done with your fellow learners. You can focus your questions to an Irish language speaker when you do have their attention.
  • A groups of people in the same cohort. That means you all start at the same time, and end at the same time.

We have been running Ceardlann an tSamhraidh at Bitesize Irish. We have learned an incredible amount about how to run such a workshop, and I think it’s fair to say that the participants are also getting better at Irish.

Do you have experience in running a similar event (or attending one)? We’d love to hear your experiences below.

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