Podcast 094: Gaeilge GACH Lá

To speak the Irish language, you need to use it every day.

Gaeilge GACH Lá. Irish EVERY day.

Put another way: the best way to not speak the language is to not use it every day.

In his book, Master, Robert Greene talks about first discovering your Life’s Task. I’ll assume that part of your life’s journey involves the Irish language!

Then he guides us through an Ideal Apprenticeship where you go from student to master. In our case, that means going from learner to speaker.

Robert directly addresses learning a language as an adult:

We learn a language by actually speaking it as much as possible, not by reading books and absorbing theories. The more we speak and practice, the more fluent we become.

Robert Greene, “Mastery”

You start at the step of Deep Observation. You find patterns. At this stage it’s scary because you see how much is in front of you.

As you keep it up, you reach the stage of Skills Acquisition. It can be tedious here. It’s where you’re practising over and over again. It’s where you’re investing real emotional work, daily.

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