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Podcast 092: Proposal for practising Irish every day

Do you want to get a chance to practice speaking the Irish language?

It can be really hard to find the chance to practice speaking Irish. Probably your main bottlenecks are your own time/energy, and having access to someone who speaks Irish.

So here’s our proposal:

  • Accept that you should practice Irish conversation more often than you can get direct help from a teacher
  • Be a member of a closed group of people
  • Group has daily video sessions, which you can opt in to on any given day
  • A daily session is based on a theme, vocabulary, a structured conversation
  • The session is timed. It is structured. It follows a pre-written set of steps of reading through the conversation, then doing role-play.
  • As a group, you document your learnings, and any open questions
  • A teacher gives feedback on the open questions in due time
  • The group has a weekly video call with an Irish-speaking teacher attending

Since practicing Irish daily is a key part of getting better at speaking it, does this model sound like a useful one to you? If you attend classes, how would this compliment your learnings? Please leave your reply below this post.

22 thoughts on “Podcast 092: Proposal for practising Irish every day”

  1. Greetings! I think this would be a good idea because for somebody like me I am not close to people who are also learning. I have experimented before a long time ago with a language learning website that gave you a course, then you recorded your version, then people were allowed to record their feedback in response. I thought this was very helpful because it let me engage with people. Also it helps to hear other people speaking it even if it sounds different in dialect. I wish I could learn Irish by speaking reading and writing, I think nothing is better to reinforce language learning then utilizing all of the aspects of language, but there is nothing close to me in the states. A teacher and course would be great. I like direction. However every time I try to learn I let it slip (totally my fault) away because I enjoy the classroom structure of assignments, goals, and deadlines. I need to get back into it. It makes me happy,
    So to summarize: yes! Do the group, yes have teacher sessions and a theme. I would enjoy this, and benefit from it. Keep us posted! ????????

  2. Dia daoibh!

    I listened to the podcast, go raibh maith agaibh.
    I agree that group studying and the whole way it is structured can work well, although I must confess that it is not my regular way of studying, I’d rather visit and spend time in a small village, etc…I am a musician and devoted to Sean Nós singing, this is my passion.

    1. Face to face is fantastic for sure. Even if you meet a group of people weekly, do you think you could benefit from contact with others in the Irish language during the rest of the week?

  3. Neasa Nic Dhómhnaill

    Smaoineamh breá a Éoin! Ba bhreá liom go mbeidh ag caint an Ghaeilge le duine eile gach lá. Bím ag iarraidh a foghlaim an teanga seo gach lá ach b’fhearr dom an teanga a labhairt le duine eile gach lá. Ach b’fhéidir rachaidh mé an Ghaeltacht agus bogfaidh mé ann 🙂


      1. Dia duit a Eoin, tá suim agam ach tá an-gnóthach faoi láthair. Ach fós, beidh mé ag smaoineamh a faoi ann. Bheadh sé grúpa bhreá agus comhphobal deas, mar sin, b’fhéidir. 🙂

      1. Dia duit!
        I listened to the podcast. Nice proposal. I think that the groups would work well, especially if they were split and seniors in the language took beginners under their wing so to speak. Personally I do not know how to read Irish yet, it looks like gumbled letters. Perhaps other beginners are in the same boat? Just a thought.


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