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Podcast 090: Irish Language Learners’ Quiz

Are you an avid Irish language learner, or is it best to park it to the side for a while? This fun quiz will get you to rate your own approach to learning to speak the Irish language.

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10 thoughts on “Podcast 090: Irish Language Learners’ Quiz”

  1. A Eoin a chara,
    Liomsa Micheál. Is tábhachtach é ag cleachtadh cuid Gaeilge — léigh, éist leis agus labhair gach lá. Go raibh míle maith agat.
    Listen daily to tg4, shows like Rónán Beo, practice with Duolingo and Bitesize, and read simple books/articles. All the items mentioned in the podcast and finally learn to sing some songs!

  2. Margaret Brennan

    Wake up call… ashamed to admit.. I’m a tepid C! I studied for a year at evening classes when living in Donegal. Re- enthused by your podcast today… Thank you !

    1. Dear Margaret, thanks for taking the time to come and leave a comment on the episode. I’m glad it resonated with you, and I hope it helps encourage you to make the Irish language an enjoyable part of your every day.

  3. Timothy Moynahan

    Eoin, many thanks for podcast 90. It is well time for me..I started my Irish language journey with Bitesize Irish and continue on today. I am happy to say my answers to your podcast questions are in the A category. In addition i am currently taking an online language immersion course through Colaiste na Rinn and am attending their 2 week adult immersion course in August.. in your podcast you mentioned so many things that apply for me and it is great to get confirmation that I’m on the right road. I know it’s an effort to get the podcast sorted. Well done and keep at it as it’s very helpful for someone like me. Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat..

    1. Wow, maith thú, great to hear that you’re plucking up the courage to go to an intensive learning course. Most people (including myself) could shy away from doing that, feeling that they don’t have enough Irish language to attend such a course. I don’t know your level of “fluency”, but we have to jump in to these chances!

      1. Ann-Marie Hammond

        Dia Duit! Ann-Marie is ainm dom. I got mostly As with a couple of Bs so there is room for improvement. I am looking forward to learning some Irish songs with you here at Bite size Irish. After starting to learn Irish … in mentioning to my parents that i was doing so i found out that both of my fathers grandparents were Irish …. and one side of my mums grandparents were Irish. So i found out that i am an Irish descendant! Thats pretty cool! Another reason for me to keep going and learning 🙂 I was born in Liverpool England. My dad went on to tell me how his Irish grandparents came over to Liverpool during the Potato famine. I am stoked to find i have a true connection

    2. Ann-Marie Hammond

      Hi Timmothy, i didn’t know about that course. I have been learning Irish online too with FutureLearn … i mention it incase anyone else wants to look it up.

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