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Podcast 089: Irish Music Listener Questions and More

We got a tonne of interest from Podcast 088: Music to Connect with Ireland. Singing in the Irish language is a fantastic way to share your love for the Irish language with others, and to get to know the language deeper.

That’s why we made videos for three traditional Irish Gaelic songs (plus a full course “Sing a Song in Irish” from those songs so you can sing them!)

In this episode of the Bitesize Irish Podcast, Eoin covers listener questions:

  • Val: Can I get help with understanding the lyrics?
  • Paul: How does the language connect you, through the megalithic sites in Ireland?
  • Paddy: Did St Patrick speak Irish?
  • Joseph and Val: simplified Irish language, vs standardised Irish language, and the fullness of the Irish language
  • Mari: How much does Bitesize Irish program cost after the free trial?

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