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You Don’t Have Enough Time to Learn? (Ep. 79)

Do you feel frustrated on a daily basis that you don’t have more time to learn the Irish language?

Maybe it’s not Irish Gaelic, maybe it’s other things that you set up your expectations to do, but it’s not a good enough reason to not spend any time on the things you feel passionate about.

This Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast episode is focused on those inner obstacles we create and convince ourselves that something is true when it might not be the case.

Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast Ep. 79 Show Notes

  • How many times a day do you check your Facebook feed? How much time to you spend watching Netflix or TV? Now tell me, do you feel like you don’t have time to learn the Irish language?
  • Internal obstacles
    • We create our own obstacles. Our own excuses.
  • Lower your expecations of “enough”
    • My friend, set out to do 1 hour of his hobby each day. But he had failed that first day. I proposed to him that 5 minutes on his hobby a day would already be winning. But that didn’t feel like “enough” to him.
  • But why did you start on this journey in the first place
    • To make a connection with your heritage? Are you embracing that, living that?Are you fighting your calling?Steven Pressfield: ask why this Muse chose YOU!
  • Make it sustainable
    • Immersion can be passiveImmersion can be easyOne Bite at a time, one minute a day
  • New Book: Winning the Language Battle
    • http://bitesize.irish/bookI go into these topics in detail. It gets philosphoical! But also has practical science-based strategies.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have Enough Time to Learn? (Ep. 79)”

  1. Loved listening to your podcast. Took your wise words into my memory and will apply them! Thank you very much. Love the Irish music aswell its my favorite sound 🙂 to go along with this unique magical warm and loving language.

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