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You Don’t Need Permission (Ep. 78)

You Don't Need Permission (Ep. 78) Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast

We recently discussed what’s really holding you back when it comes to learning the Irish language and in today’s Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast episode 78 we’re going to tackle a similar subject (probably scary for many) – the fear of what other people are saying and thinking about you.

You may even see it as the fear of  embracing what’s really of interest for you, what really grabbed your attention. The truth is that you don’t need permission to express yourself.

There’s one way to reach this conclusion – by trying to figure out what’s your internal excuse that’s holding you back from learning Irish or improving yourself in other ways.

Listen to this Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast – episode 78 and maybe record your own question? You can ask anything about learning Irish or about Bitesize Irish Gaelic.

To do this, just go to our Podcast page and record your message. It’s useful to write your question before recording and to make sure you’re in a quiet place so there’s no background noise.

Bitesize Irish Gaelic Episode 78 Show notes

  • Last episode 077 – I recorded through wrong side of microphone, but show still went on! What will you do to keep on your with daily Irish language journey?
  • Internal excuses
    • Don’t have time
    • Don’t seem to get around to it
    • Barriers – these are internal barriers. If I proposed to you that you would record a video saying “Dia dhuit. Conas atá tú? Is mise John”, and share it on Facebook, then what would you feel? Suddenly you’re detecting the real fear of expressing this interest you have in your life, right?
  • The journey has called you – perhaps it’s not you who chose this journey!
  • You don’t need permission
    • To express yourself
    • To be yourself – follow your interest, don’t let go. The journey chose you, so ask yourself why did it choose you? And what are you going to do about it? Will you embrace it for all you’ve got, or bottle down because of what others may think?
    • Share yourself – YouTube Facebook Twitter – there’s no technical barriers available as excuses to you
  • Book announcement:
    • We’re launching “Learning a Language: Winning the Internal Battle” at Bitesize! It’s about following this interest in your life (learning a language), and winning what’s essentially in internal battle to expressing your true self.
  • Listener questions

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