WOOP My Irish Language (Ep. 75)

WOOP My Irish Language (Ep. 75)

Do you ever set out to do something but not actually achieve it in the end, and worse yet you beat yourself up about it? 

This is audio content. Play the episode using the player above. And then take WOOP My Irish Language.

Well, a lot of people tell us this about learning the Irish language, and you probably have the same feelings about learning any other languages.

If this is the case, you shouldn’t worry since there is a science-based method called (in commercial terms) WOOP your life that you can apply to your Irish learning process.

Listen to the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast – episode 75 and learn how you can apply this method to learning Irish.

WOOP My Irish Language

What’s really holding you back from really learning to speak the Irish language?

Do you tell yourself that it’s too hard, that you’re not good enough to do it, that you’re too old, that you just don’t get around to it?

Ready to WOOP your Irish language learning? Just click the following link to start.

WOOP My Irish Language

Don’t forget, you can record your own question for our podcast. Just head over to the following page: http://bitesize.irish/podcast and record your audio message. We recommend that you have the question already written down.

Introduce yourself and let us know what’s your questions. We’re featuring 2 questions in every podcast episode so your question will be answered.

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