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Podcast Re-runs (Ep. 67)

Podcast Re-runs

Eoin and little Liam of Bitesize Irish Gaelic tell you about our plan to re-run past episodes of the podcast on our podcast feed. You also hear about our members-only Facebook group.


The Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is a discussion podcast in English. Eoin has interviewed many a guest in the world of the Irish language, and Irish culture and travel. Our last episode (Ep. 66) was the last episode to be recorded, so this short announcement episode explains what comes next.

What you’ll hear:

Click the audio player above, and you’ll get to hear:

  • Re-runs are planned to start from episode 1 onwards.
    • We won’t include published re-runs in our newsletter (or at least they won’t be featured articles). So be sure to subscribe to the podcast if you want each episode to appear in your podcast player.
  • The show will be published every week instead of every two weeks, since we don’t have to keep up with recording new episodes. That should be better for you if you enjoy listening.
  • Sign up to Bitesize Irish Gaelic, and you’ll get access to our private members-only Facebook group. It’s your chance to get support from similar-minded people, to share your journey with them.

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About the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast

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This is a list all our past episodes.


Bitesize Irish Podcast
Bitesize Irish Podcast
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  1. I signed up for the free trial earlier in the year but didnt listen to any of the podcasts
    can I re-start the free trial again as I didn’t use it first time?

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