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Ireland’s a Gaeltacht with Caitríona Weafer (Ep. 64)

Ireland's a Gaeltacht

Caitríona is from Mullingar in Ireland, and lives in California. She shares her perceptions of Ireland from her trips back home. In her opinion, you can use the Irish language anywhere in Ireland as long as you speak slowly. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

In Caitríona’s opinion, the best ways to learn are:

  1. Immersion: create your own Gaeltacht wherever you are by tuning in to RnaG (pair your car to your phone and hear it that way), watching TG4, listening to Lurgan Songs on your playlist, & by having Irish language settings on the computer etc. Even if you know nothing at first, the rhythm and music of the language will become familiar and you will start to recognise words and phrases bit by bit.
  2. Don’t try to do too much too soon & don’t be hard on yourself. Use what you know and celebrate when you do that.
  3. Be positive. Have fun. Sign up for classes and challenges with Conradh na Gaeilge and encourage each other by sharing great sites and study methods that work.

Here are some sites to make learning easier.

  • For beginners the Buntús Cainte app is wonderful. Also check out lessons & resources on Ancroiat.
  • For those starting to learn the mechanics of the language, Duolingo is good. Practice writing simple Irish on Twitter. If you put @Tuigim with the tweet, I can write back
  • For fun, check out the Lurgan & for advanced grammar, check out:


What you’ll hear:

Click the audio player above, and you’ll get to hear:

  • How Cathair na nAingeal (Los Angeles) is developing as a place where Irish language-related organisations are gathering in force
  • Caitríona’s long-lasting experiment of speaking Irish to people she meets in Ireland
  • The history behind Conradh na Gaeilge, and its involvement in the 1916 Easter Rising

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4 thoughts on “Ireland’s a Gaeltacht with Caitríona Weafer (Ep. 64)”

  1. Taylor Pyles Ferriman


    It was a pleasant surprise to hear your voice on here! Dakota and I miss you at the Mayflower. We went on an extended vacation in December and when we came back, we were told we had a new teacher. Your tips for learning are spot on. Just listening to you makes me want to break out Quizlet and do some practicing right now. You definitely made learning fun…I was always looking forward to the next class!

    Go raibh maith agat for everything!

    1. GRMA Taylor. I miss you guys too.
      I am with The Gaelic League LA now and we offer classes in 5 locations around LA: Agoura Hills, Culver City, Wilshire Blvd. Pasadena, and Redondo Beach.
      Break out Quizlet and join us if you can. [email protected]
      We’d love to have you with us. ♥ C

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