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Goof Around, with Jojanneke van den Bosch (Ep. 63)

Conamara sheep, enjoying the grass.
Conamara sheep, enjoying the grass.

TEDx presenter, and award-winning e-learning and social media consultant Jojanneke joins Eoin for a chat. Are you holding back from sharing your love for the Irish language online, like on Facebook and Twitter? Eoin asks Jojanneke how to get around that. At the end, you should enjoy yourself, and don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun along your journey. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

What you’ll hear:

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  • Yes, the end of the podcast is coming. All things must end. If you’re a listener, please do comment about how the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is part of your life. Where do you listen to it? What are you up to at the time?
  • As an adult learner, no-one expects you to be fluent in another new language. That gives you the ticket to try simple words and phrases in the Irish language, and don’t let that hold you back.
  • Don’t worry about bothering others on social media with your Irish language learning. You can post on Facebook to your Irish language friends on our recommended Facebook groups. And don’t be afraid to post updates with the Irish language.

Mentioned in the show

Here’s Jojanneke’s touching TEDx talk on being an orphan:


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Bitesize Irish Podcast
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Gaeilge Gach Lá

7 thoughts on “Goof Around, with Jojanneke van den Bosch (Ep. 63)”

  1. Hello Eoin,

    I only discovered your podcast a couple of months ago and I have been binge listening to your podcast over the past few weeks especially as I travel in the car on long drives. I have been listening while I eat supper too! I am sad to hear that it will be discontinued because this is a very engaging podcast to listen to. I am thinking I may have to restart and listen again. This podcast has really reengaged my desire to learn some Irish soon. I just wanted you to know how appreciated this format and information has been. I have a hard time coming across such good and informative things to listen too. I love to learn and this has helped me learn more about Ireland and the language. You have answered so many questions that I have had. I have even more questions about the language and the land than I had before yet these are new questions. That is what I count as a successful learning experience. Thank you very much. I totally understand your other duties to work and family. I am happy that your priorities are in the right place. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are glad to hear that you have enjoyed our podcast 🙂

      If you have any questions regarding our lessons, feel free to contact us at any time.

      Le meas,

  2. Vanessa Bushell

    a Eoin a chara

    It’s so sad that the podcast are coming to an end – Tá brón orm 🙁

    It was your podcasts that inspired me from the beginning of this journey to learn Irish, which I can honestly say has changed my life! Irish is now an everyday practice one way or another – it’s become like a good friend (although I’m still a very long way off from being able to speak it).

    My favorite thing Jojanneke van den Bosch said was to have fun with learning Irish – she’s exactly right. Whenever I get frustrated or overwhelmed with it or get down on myself for not learning it fast enough, I step back and remind my self to play like a child. And children are experts at learning languages, so they should know 🙂

    I’m eager to see where Bitesize Irish Gaelic takes us now – The face group is an excellent idea – cultivating Irish speaking communities on line is an essential part of moving forward I believe.

    bíodh lá iontach agat
    Slán go Fóill

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are glad to hear that our podcast inspired you to learn Irish Gaelic.

      Yes, I agree, we should have fun while learning new languages 🙂

      Le meas,

    2. Yes, thanks for the very kind words, Vanessa. Out objective at Bitesize Irish Gaelic is to make Irish part of your daily life, and it sounds like with your motivation we got there with you. Keep in touch, the members-only Facebook group we have is very exciting.

  3. Eoin I’m sorry to hear you need to discontinue the podcast. Rest assured, it’s been a very positive influence for many people with an interest in learning Irish. I for one have found it inspirational, and I’ve enjoyed your personality and craic with your guests. I’ve listened to every one of your podcasts. I subscribed a couple years back, but I subscribe to more podcasts than I listen to. But I rediscovered yours last summer. I was home for a month, recovering from a heart surgery, and I was supposed to go for frequent walks. I listened to your ‘best of’ podcast one time and enjoyed it so much. I went back to the beginning of your podcast list and listened to each in turn. Usually when going for a walk, or when walking my dogs, or walking from my train station to my office, which is about a mile each way. You encouraged me to scratch the itch I had to learn Irish. I started on the Duolingo course, which I finished, and I bought several books on Irish. I also bought your pronunciation guide from your website and have referred to it frequently. Due to your podcast interview with Karen Reshkin, I came to realize that there was live Irish instruction not far from where I live, so I started a class at the same facility where Karen teaches a month or two ago, and I’m really enjoying it. What I’m trying to say, Eoin, because you asked for feedback on when and where we listen, is to let you know that you haven’t just been downloaded a thousand times per episode but not listened to. You have helped open up to me a jewel of my ancestral heritage (as a third generation Irish-American). I want to express my appreciation for what you’ve done for me – to thank you and wish you and your family all the best in all you undertake going forward. Go raibh maith agat, Brian P.S. It was delightful to hear what Jojanneke had to say – one of your most engaging guests!

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