Christmas Poem From Ireland (Ep. 58)

Christmas Poem From Ireland

Eoin reads out the poem by Patrick Kavanagh, “A Christmas Childhood”. It rings of simple Irish Christmases. This Christmas poem isn’t in Irish Gaelic, but surely it’s just the thing to hear as we reach Christmas, the time when we reconnect with friends and family.

What you’ll hear:

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Mentioned in the show

  • Nollaig Shona! /Nullig Hunnah/ (Happy Christmas in Irish Gaelic)
  • Take your Bitesize Irish Gaelic free trial over the Christmas period. Aim to simply open a lesson once per day, and see how far you get. When you’re a member, then take our lesson on Christmas in the Tús Maith beginner’s course, full of audio and phonetics in Irish.

And more Christmasy goodness on Bitesize Irish Gaelic:

Want to know how to wish someone a Happy Christmas in Irish? Check out the following pronunciation video.

How To Say – Happy Christmas in Irish Gaelic

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Poem From Ireland (Ep. 58)”

  1. Thanks, EOIN, this page is like a Christmas present. All the great links. You all are the best!
    God bless ya!
    Jim Shannon

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