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Easy Irish Immersion (Ep. 57)

Easy Irish Immersion

Do you feel like you “should” be learning the Irish language, but never get around to it? This podcast episode (in English) is about breaking down your daily Irish language habit into such small pieces that they should be easy to do. These ideas come from the excellent blog AJATT: All Japanese All The Time.

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  • Language immersion: Nope, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know Irish language speakers right now. It’s not enough of an excuse! Use our modern Irish Gaelic media online to immerse yourself in the language, and in Ireland’s culture. You don’t need to understand Irish Gaelic to immerse yourself, rather you’ll understand because you immerse yourself.
  • Show up: doing something right now is completely different to doing nothing. Do something. If that something feels too hard, break down that “something” into something smaller. At Bitesize Irish Gaelic, we’re changing our Bitesize Method to suggest you open a Bitesize lesson each day. That’s way easier than getting you to complete a lesson each day.
  • Make it fun. Search YouTube for Irish language songs. Watch one for five minutes. That’s all you needed to do right now. It’s not always about studying new concepts.

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Bitesize Irish Podcast
Eoin Ó Conchúir: Irish language speaker from Ireland

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6 thoughts on “Easy Irish Immersion (Ep. 57)”

  1. Hi !
    Great podcast… (I am listening to, long after it was published). I am trying AJATT method, only problem is where to find stuff to use. I have downloaded several music videos in Irish, some cartoons, but here my selection ends… I know I could listen to Radío na Gaeltachta, but I have great aversion to spoken word (without Music). It would be probably better if I could understand it :grin:. Is there are site where I could get get more cartoons? I know that cartoons exist, since I can watch TG4 via my SmartTV, but that helps only when I am home (which is just small part of the day).

    Take care,

  2. This was a great podcast. Admittedly, with the hecticness of the holiday season, I’ve not been able to as many of the Bitesize lessons as I normally do. However, I do make Irish a part of my daily routine, regardless. I listen to RTÉ Radío na Gaeltachta daily, whether it’s while I’m driving, getting ready in the mornings, or doing house chores. My favorite show is Cormac ag a Cuig. Another thing I’ve done, from a recommendation from an earlier episode, is label things, in Irish, around my home. I even made a little label ornament for my “Crann Nollaig”. Keep up the great work with these podcasts. You’re inspiration has kept me enthused in my Irish learning adventure. Go raibh míle maith agat!!!

    1. Hi Bryan,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are glad to hear that you are using the tips from the podcast 🙂

      If you have any questions regarding the lessons, feel free to contact us at any time.

      Le meas,

  3. Another good podcast. I’d add Raidió failte to the list of stations to listen to, it’s certainly helped me. Also, a lot is written about how the language is slowly dying – what about a podcast focusing on the positives, such as interviewing someone from North, maybe from the Belfast Gaelteacht area, about how the language is flourishing. We’ve just opened a naíscoil in our area and the next stage is a bunscoil. Great tips for learning as usual Eoin.

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