Gàidhlig with Prof Boyd Robertson (Ep. 53)

Prof Boyd Robertson

Where is Scottish Gaelic, or Gàidhlig, spoken? What were those Gàidhlig-speaking areas like, and what is their health today? Professor Boyd Robertson, Principal of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, joins Eoin to share the culture of Scotland. Discussion podcast in English.

What you’ll hear:

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  • About Sabhal Mòr Ostaig – university education in Scotland that operates through the Scottish Gaelic language. Their range includes distance learning courses that you should check out if you’re interested in learning to speak Scotland’s native language.
  • How Gàidhlig has changed culturally since the 1970s in Scotland. Much of its evolution is reflected in how the Irish language has evolved. Traditional bastions of the language are weakening, yet younger modern organisations are involved in its “renaissance”.
  • The Highlands and Isles – the beautiful areas of Scotland where their language has been spoken.

Mentioned in the show

Bitesize Irish Gaelic Trial 1

Here’s a 10-minute video featuring Boyd Roberston, and covering Sabhal Mòr Ostaig:

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2 thoughts on “Gàidhlig with Prof Boyd Robertson (Ep. 53)”

  1. [Just translating the above]

    Hello!!! I live in South Australia and I’m doing The Further Course with SMO at the moment.

    I decided to learn Gaelic when I was in high school. I went to a German-medium high school and the other students would say things like, “I speak three language – English, German, and my grandparents’ language.” [dialect, like Baorisch or Schwaebisch]. And I thought, “Well, why can’t *I* speak *my* grandparents’ language? Why can’t I speak Gaelic?” [my parents are from Scotland and my grandmother spoke Gaelic]. So when I was seventeen, I enrolled in The Access Course with Sabhal Mor Ostaig.

    Thank-you so much again for this podcast!!

  2. Madainn mhath!!! ‘S e Raghnaid a th’ orm, tha mi a’ fuirich ann an Astràilia-a-Deas agus tha mise a’ dèanamh An Cùrsa Adhartais le SMO an-dràsda!

    Uill… bha mi airson Gàidhlig ionnsachadh ‘n uair a bha mi anns an àrd-sgoil. Chaidh mi dhan àrd-sgoil tro meadhan Gearmailtis agus bha na daoine eile anns mo chlàs ag radh, “Ò, tha trì cànanan agam – Beurla, Gearmailtis, agus cànan mo sheanphàrantain.” [an teanga ionadail, Baorisch, no Schwaebisch, no cànan eile]. Agus bha mise a’ smaoineachadh, “Carson nach eil cànan mo sheanphàrantain-fhèin agam? Carson chan eil Gàidhlig agam?” [tha mo phàrantain às Alba agus bha Gàidhlig air mo seanmhair]. Agus ‘n uair a bha mi seachd bliadhna ‘is deug d’ aois, chlàraich mi air a’ Chùrsa Inntrigidh le Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.

    Tapadh leibh dha-rìribh a-rithist airson am podcast seo!!!

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