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Irish Language in Dallas-Fort Worth (Ep. 43)

Irish Language in Dallas-Fort Worth

Seán Mag Uidhir (John McGuire) established the Irish language immersion weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. He speaks Irish, and shares his journey of learning the language. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

What you’ll hear

  • How to deal with losing the initial enthusiasm of wanting to speak Irish (Gaelic)
  • The keys of perseverance and making connection with other people in keeping you on track to speaking the language
  • Seán’s interconnected experience with the Irish language and Irish traditional music

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3 thoughts on “Irish Language in Dallas-Fort Worth (Ep. 43)”

  1. Is mór a thaitin seo liom. Is deas an rud a chloisteáil go bhfuil daoine thall in áit mar Dallas i mbun an Ghaeilge a fhoghlaim. Tá súil agam go n-éireoidh thar cionn le Seán agus an rud atá sé a dhéanamh ansin.

  2. Gordon Molengraf

    I enjoyed listening to Sean. I have attended classes there and the immersion classes,and they were very good this year.

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