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Zero to Immersion Weekend with Devin Blankenship (Ep. 40)

Irish landscape

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Devin Blankenship is founder and president of the Indiana Celtic Community. After traveling to Ireland, he attended an Irish language immersion weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. He went on to found a regular study group in Bloomington, Indiana, where he also run their annual Irish Gaelic immersion weekend.

What you’ll hear

  • How a couple of trips to Ireland helped give Devin a thirst for learning the Irish language
  • How he first started with books, but went on to visit an immersion weekend 7 hours away
  • Practical tips on starting your own study group – don’t wait for an Irish language speaker to arrive!

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6 thoughts on “Zero to Immersion Weekend with Devin Blankenship (Ep. 40)”

  1. So nice to hear Devin Blankenship. He’s really been instrumental in the growth of the Midwestern Irish-speaking community. The immersion weekend in Bloomington is fantastic and well worth the trip. Maith thú!

  2. What a wonderful podcast! An Irish immersion weekend sounds divine! Hopefully, one is being planned in the Southeast.

  3. Great to hear Devin yet again. Maybe post a list of all the available weekends in. I know in the USA Bloomington, IN, Madision, WI, Minneapolis, MN all have weekends. I also know that Cedar Rapids, IA is holding their first this year. Where are some of the others?

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