Ten Reasons to Speak Irish Gaelic (Ep. 38)

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Podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Do you need a bit of motivation for speaking some Irish Gaelic? Eoin covers the top ten reasons for speaking Ireland’s native language

What you’ll hear

  • Ten reasons to speak the Irish language
  • Welcome to our newest Bitesize Irish Gaelic members: Dustin in Oklahoma City. Michael in New Zealand. Deborah in Sweden. Briana in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Valéria in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And Thomas in the US.

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7 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Speak Irish Gaelic (Ep. 38)”

  1. Thank you for the description and example of the slender “r”. None of the classes I’ve ever taken has given me this one important piece of information. Go raibh an-maith agat!

  2. Your description of the road to An Spidéal and beyond was perfect, and really brought back memories for me. It may surprise you to hear that you don’t need Irish heritage to be interested in Ireland or the Irish language! I have no Irish roots (that I am aware of), but I have loved Ireland for years and look forward to learning even a small part of the beautiful language. Thanks for your work!

  3. I know my family has Irish roots… and I have discovered that there are habits which I only saw within my own family and nowhere else in my community that I am learning are Irish habits! For example my family often says something that we have in abundance we have that thing “galore”. I always thought it was some permutation of glory… like having it “to our glory” until I heard go leor pronounced for the first time, I played that sound file five times just to make sure I heard it right! there are amazing amounts of examples like that one. So, thank you not only for the connection to Ireland,but, to my own immediate family as well!

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