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Abarta Audio Guides with Neil Jackman (Ep. 37)

Kerry, Ireland - Learn Irish

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Neil Jackman founded Abarta Audio Guides. They’re downloadable, easy-to-follow, guides for tourist spots across Ireland.

What you’ll hear

  • Ireland’s history and heritage through pre-historic times
  • Neil’s journey to Ireland, and his impression of Ireland’s heritage


Mentioned in the show

Newgrange Entrance Stone by Alan Bruce, on Flickr
Newgrange Entrance Stone by Alan Bruce, on Flickr

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4 thoughts on “Abarta Audio Guides with Neil Jackman (Ep. 37)”

  1. Greetings! Having just come back from Ireland & visited Loughcrew, this podcast was of particular interest.. I had mentioned to my fellow travels when we were driving into Dublin & seeing the construction cranes in the distance that I hoped someone was watching out for what may lay beneath & within the landscape. Consider the ancient sites all around Ireland & those that my have not been ” discovered,” and because thankfully the landscape of Ireland was never bombed like in other parts of the world these places may still be intact holding our history in its mystery. It is reassuring to know there is policy in place to protect these treasures of humanity. Thanks Eoin! I always enjoy your podcasts. They are layered with great information. A jumping point for further investigation. Great job. I look forward to the next one. Slán go fóill!

  2. Great podcast! I’m an avid reader of Time Travel Ireland. The photos and stories shared there are just wonderful!

    Well done interview, Eoin!

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