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It’s All In Your Perspective, with Karen Reshkin (Ep. 36)

Kerry, Ireland - Learn Irish

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). This is an interview with Karen Reshkin from Chicago is an Irish language instructor at Na Gaeil. She’s also a musician, playing the fiddle

Karen is an accomplished Irish language speaker.

What you’ll hear

  • Karen’s approach to learning: do it in small regular pieces
  • Don’t stress and beat yourself up with learning to speak Irish. Instead, use your curiosity to study texts, try to decipher what you’re seeing.
  • Reach out to others learning to speak Irish too. Twitter and Facebook are good places to start.

Mentioned in the show

After-hours seannós dancing at Oireachtas na Gaeilge:



Karen recorded a video on the pronunciation rules of Irish Gaelic. The video below is also accompanied with a text document.


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5 thoughts on “It’s All In Your Perspective, with Karen Reshkin (Ep. 36)”

  1. The perspective thing is true! I remember learning Spanish with friends at work, and I didn’t feel self conscious or frustrated by what I didn’t know, because I got to use what I did know all the time (in the course of my job) and people were always surprised and impressed that I knew anything. As a result of that positive approach, learning Spanish now in the classroom is much easier than any other language I’ve tried, cause I have that confidence already.

  2. So nice hearing Karen’s perspective on learning Irish. I’ve sat in her classes at Irish language immersion weekends, and she’s an excellent teacher who makes a difficult subject so much fun to learn. That’s the mark of a great teacher.

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