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Irish Language in Portland, Oregan with Brian Ó hAirt (Ep. 35)

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Podcast interview in the English language. Brian Ó hAirt is an American sean-nós singer, musician, and a speaker of the Irish Language.

Brian shares his connection with Ireland’s real culture, through song and Irish Gaelic.

What you’ll hear

  • Brian’s instant connection with the Irish language after hearing a song on the radio when he was young
  • The real culture of Ireland that shines through song in Irish Gaelic
  • The vibrant community of Irish speakers in the Pacific Northwest


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4 thoughts on “Irish Language in Portland, Oregan with Brian Ó hAirt (Ep. 35)”

  1. This is wonderful! I’ll certainly explore the Irish culture in the Pacific Northwest when I’m living in Oregon this summer…

  2. It was fascinating hearing what Brian said.Not only is he learning Irish,he’s teaching it,that’s so wonderful! It interest hearing about different Celtic groups,the Irish,the Scots and the Manx people speaking Gaelic together.

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