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A Russian in Ireland with Elena Clancy (Ep. 34)

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After about 13 years in Ireland, Elena Clancy shares her experiences with traveling around Ireland. She’s originally from Siberia in Russia, and now lives in Cork.

In the recording, Eoin mentions this as Episode 033, but it’s being published as Episode 034. Sorry for the confustion.

Also, apologies to Elena for the original spelling “Russion” in the title of this post!

What you’ll hear

  • Where Elena enjoys traveling in Ireland
  • Her original impressions of Irish people
  • How people often don’t travel away from where they live

Mentioned in the show

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6 thoughts on “A Russian in Ireland with Elena Clancy (Ep. 34)”

  1. can someone tell me where I can get the Apostles creed PHONETICALLY in Irish i have trouble pronouncing some of the words. Thankyou

    1. Irish pronunciation can definitely seem daunting, but I’ve found that once you get practiced up on it, it’s actually one of the easier aspects of the language because it’s pretty predictable. Bitesizeirishgaelic.com is by far the best guide I’ve found yet! Good luck, is feidir leat!

  2. Thanks for this podcast–it was very cool to hear all about Elena’s adventures! I was especially interested to hear about the rivalry between Corcaigh agus Baile Atha Cliath. The countryside sounds lovely. Someday it’ll be me exploring there, le cunamh De 🙂

    Go raibh maith agaibh, Elena and Eoin!

  3. Just caught Elena Clancy’s podcast and I learned so much from her about the places off the beaten path for Irish travelers. She is so knowledgeable and I wish I had someone like her to take me by the hand when I visit and direct me to all those places I didn’t even know existed. I think most tours people take to Ireland all revolved around the same old places so it was helpful to learn from a native of Ireland what else is available. I also think people should drive around and not take tours at all, which can make it much more affordable. Loved the podcast. I was taking notes from that sweet voice.

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