Marc Gunn of Irish and Celtic Music Podcast (Ep. 28)

Lough Derg (Shannon)

Marc Gunn of Irish and Celtic Music Podcast joins Eoin about Irish music, American adoption of Irish culture, and touring in Ireland and beyond.

What you’ll hear

  • Renaissance festivals, and their fun mix of cultures
  • Touring Ireland in a bus tour, versus going out to find your own experiences
  • What the autoharp is

Mentioned in the show

Milwaukee Irish Fest Irish language
Eoin of Bitesize Irish Gaelic with listeners Laura and Adam, at Milwaukee Irish Fest.

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4 thoughts on “Marc Gunn of Irish and Celtic Music Podcast (Ep. 28)”

  1. Dia dhuit Eoin

    I’m so pleased to hear two of my favorite podcast voices on same show! It feels like I got a Christmas present 😉
    You both are doing an excellent job introducing the Irish to the world. Thank you so much!

  2. Dia dhuit Eoin –

    Great show, I’ve been listening to Marc for a good many years now. It was great to hear how he started and also more about him on a personal level. I really enjoy your interviews, please keep them coming.

    Slán go Fóill

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