Secret Dublin with Pól Ó Conghaile (Ep. 24)


Do you want to visit the more special, hidden parts of Dublin on your next trip to Ireland? Pól Ó Conghaile, a distinguished travel writer, shares three of his favorite spots in Dublin.

What you’ll hear

  1. The Hungry Tree
  2. St. Valentine’s Relic
  3. Napoleon’s Toothbrush
  4. …plus Pól’s tip on getting oriented in a new city


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6 thoughts on “Secret Dublin with Pól Ó Conghaile (Ep. 24)”

  1. I have read LONDON by Edward Rutherford. At least I think that is the author’s name. I will look for DUBLIN by the author. is mise mehull

  2. An in-depth way of knowin yourself is to look at your heritage. Mother/father first, then back and back. Of course very quickly goin backwards the numbers get so big that at some point, you generalize. You start to say “i am of this family/tuath/or tribe.At this time you have definately also linked yourself to a particular part of a particular land also. You are still ,by learning all you can about “the people” of your Identity, exploring in uncommon detail the threads of the tapestry that makes you up. “UNCOMMON” i will say, because most i know are happy enough to call themselves Australian because that is the pass port they can get from being born here.

    I think the same “In-depth” strategic approach can be bought to bare in the understanding of a place too, and the best book i have yet read about Dublin is called simply dat. DUBLIN by one Edward Rutherford. It`s not competing with this coves work because from memory it finishes some 300 or so years in the past, but i think if you read it you will not be able to look at, or stand in any place there without knowin the energies that built it in a very profound way.
    Like knowin the energies that built yourself; your ancestors.
    may goodness be at you
    is mise mehull

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