Start something, with Dineen Grow (Ep. 23)

It’s with deep regret that we learned in October 2023 of the passing of Dineen Grow. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam. — Eoin


Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Dineen Grow has spent years helping others around her who also share her enthusiasm for speaking Irish Gaelic.

What you’ll hear

  • How to reach out to others if you feel alone and trying to learn to speak Irish: Start something!
  • What band got her interested in the Irish language in the first place
  • Why she founded her own organization
  • How her first trip to Ireland in the 1980s was very discouraging
  • How to approach such a challenging thing as learning a language


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7 thoughts on “Start something, with Dineen Grow (Ep. 23)”

  1. Mary Alice (Foley) Hurst

    How wonderful to hear her voice again…and her laugh! The “oldest and wisest” (by her own acclaim) of my Grow cousins is sorely missed by the whole Foley clan and countless others whose lives she touched.

  2. Keith Verrills

    Iit was wonderful hearing what Dineen had to say! Her Irish was fantastic,too! It’s so important that Irish becomes the main language of the Irish people in Ireland again.When you’ve got such a beautiful language,and it’s your own language,why not speak it?

  3. So nice to hear Dineen Grow’s warm and friendly voice offering very wise advice on how to tackle the Irish language. She’s been the first gentle introduction to the language for so many people. I spent my time at the last Celtic Culture Irish Immersion Weekend in Bloomington, Indiana just observing her teaching techniques. Thanks for sharing your time with Dineen with the podcast listening audience.

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