Why you should attend an Irish language immersion weekend (Ep. 21)

Mara Bernstein doesn’t seem to have a drop of Irish blood, but that didn’t stop her from learning and promoting the Irish language. She’s one of the main organizers of the Bloomington, Indiana Irish Language Immersion weekend.

What you’ll hear

  • The huge community of Irish language learners that does exist
  • The pro-active approach you need to take to reach out to other learners
  • Why you shouldn’t beat yourself up about the length of time it seems to take to learn a new language
  • How the Irish language attracts a wonderful type of person with whom you can interact
  • How you should treat the academic side of Irish language learners

Mentioned in the show

  • Indiana Celtic Community who run the Bloomington, Indiana Deireadh Seachtaine (weekend)
  • GaelSkype Facebook group for meeting others on Skype to practice some Irish (do it!)
  • Fulbright Commission which can support travel from the US to Ireland for learning the langauge
  • Milwaukee Irish Fest 2014 – come to say hi to Eoin who’ll be in the Irish Language Tent in the Cultural Village.

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  1. Dia suit
    I am interested very much in learning Irish language . At the moment I am moving home I should be settled downin. 8 wees as soon as time is available .I will be able to relax and subscribe.
    I am interested in receiving your newsletter so pleas keep sending

    Slan Abhaile

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