How to use the Irish language with locals, with Jody Halstead (Ep. 20)

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Are you planning to visit Ireland? How about using a couple of words of the Irish language on the locals? Jody Halsted joins Eoin again, sharing her top tips on how to introduce some Irish conversation when speaking with the locals.

What you’ll hear

  • The best ways to introduce some Irish language into conversation when you’re in Ireland, even if you only have a couple of words
  • The positive reaction you’ll get in Ireland from speaking Irish (Gaelic) to them

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Mentioned in the show

If you’ll be at the Milwaukee Irish Fest in 2014, contact us at . Eoin will be there for Irish language lessons at the Irish language tent in the Cultural Village.

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4 thoughts on “How to use the Irish language with locals, with Jody Halstead (Ep. 20)”

  1. If I get a positive response from my first question, being that they are backpackers travelling. I follow up with something like “go hiontach!” or “Cá bhfuil tú i do chonaí i Éirinn?”. Although I have been corrected on that!. I met some young lads from Co. Meath that where more than happy to explain to me the differences in dialects over a few drinks!. I can hold a “basic” conversation I think, explaining my likes and dislikes. How I’m feeling past and present. Although trying to explain how I’m going to feel tomorrow or next year properly, I still can’t get my head around!. If you don’t ask though, you’re never going to learn!.
    Thank you Phyllis for your kind words, they do encourage me to continue studying and I am more than happy to contribute my experiences and opinions to Bitesize. If it wasn’t for this website I wouldn’t be learning at all!. Bitesize is the best conduit I have found online that really teaches you Gaeilge!. I would not pay a monthly fee for something I didn’t feel I was getting my money’s worth from, and with Bitesize I most certainly feel I am!.

    1. We appreciate your endorsement of Bitesize and we are very encouraged to know that it is working for you. Please check your private email, as I have sent you a request. Happy learning!

  2. G’day all at bitesize Irish!,

    I just thought I would share with you my experience when it comes to talking with locals. Now, in Ireland itself I haven’t really had much of a chance. Here at home in Australia though, I work in the Hospitality industry and I get to talk to quite alot of Irish backpackers. Since around Christmas time my confidence in my own Irish has come to the point where I’m now quite comfortable asking them “An bhfuil Gaeilge agat?”. Of course I am speaking to them first in English but, if I hear an Irish accent I always ask now. I’d say half the people I ask look at me like a long lost friend and are delighted to speak Irish with me, and wonder how on earth their language is being learnt in Australia (and I always tell them about bitesize irish!). The other half I ask look at me as if I have two heads!, or respond with something like “conas tá tú?”. From what I have learnt in talking to both these groups. Is that the Irish people I do meet that can’t remember any of the Irish they where taught at school, are more often than not either first or second generation Irish. Still, all that I’ve met are proud to be Irish and are delighted and amazed that others are learning the language. I guess my point is I haven’t been let down yet by jumping in the deep end and just asking every Irish person I meet “An bhfuil Gaeilge agat?”. Hopefully when I return to Ireland in January my confidence is not lost!

    slán go fóill agus tóg go bog é !

    1. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your experiences. You are an inspiration to all who are learning the language and struggling with confidence. Are you able to continue the conversation when you meet someone who actually does speak Irish?

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