Where can I attend Irish language summer courses and other listener questions (Ep. 19)

Listen to answers of fantastic listener and member questions about learning to speak the Irish language (Irish Gaelic).

What you’ll hear

  • Summer courses you can attend in Irish
  • Saying where you’re from
  • Intricacies of Scottish Gaelic, from an Irish Gaelic perspective
  • Story of an Australian living in New Zealand who uses Irish on the locals

Mentioned in the show

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7 thoughts on “Where can I attend Irish language summer courses and other listener questions (Ep. 19)”

  1. Jason Copperstone

    Hi Eoin, a chara,

    Go raibh maith agat! I was so happy to receive a mention in this podcast.

    I wanted to make a suggestion that any learners who wish especially those of the ‘secret service’ could share contact details and maybe create a forum in which we can contact and practice with each other. It might be a way to keep each other encouraged and motivated in our shared love of Irish.

    Jason (Malta)

  2. Dia duit a Eoin !

    Another great and helpful podcast, go raibh maith agat !

    I noticed mention was made about Bite Size Irish Gaelic Live. I really enjoyed participating as a “test subject” during the initial trial run of it. Is BIG Live fully operational now and available to everyone ? I’d love to resume my lessons with Aonghus upon my return from my adventures in Ireland this Summer.

    Also, I wish you much enjoyment on your trip to Milwaukee. From the looks of the official website they have, I have no doubt you’ll have a grand time. We have a pretty big Irish/Celtic festival every year here in Jacksonville as well. Perhaps one day in the future I might persuade you to come enjoy the festivities in sunny Florida 🙂

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