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Do people say “top of the morning”? (Ep. 11)

We’ve got some great listener questions answered. For example, you’ll hear how to say “2014” in the Irish language for the new year. You’ll hear about the latest rough weather in Ireland, how to get people to use Irish with you while you’re visiting Ireland, and what courses we recommend for attending when you’re in Ireland.

What you’ll hear

  • How to say “2014” in Irish
  • The latest rough weather Ireland’s been experiencing
  • Do you have to persevere to use Irish when visiting Ireland?
  • Do Irish people really say “top of the morning to you”?
  • How do you say “yes” and “no” in Irish?
  • What’s the best Irish language course I can go to when I’m in Ireland?

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16 thoughts on “Do people say “top of the morning”? (Ep. 11)”

  1. Hey there Eoin: Great podcast. You are so helpful. Sorry about all the bad weather that came your way. We have had 23″ of snow this Jan. Twelve inched came in one day. Do you know anyone in Indiana who speaks Irish? I would like to look them up and practice speaking Irish. Thanks for all your help, you are a great person.

    1. 23″. Wow, I’ve probably never seen that much 🙂

      Do you happen to be anywhere near Bloomington, Indiana?

      Devin Blankenship runs an Irish cultural + immersion weekend each spring there. Contact him here: IndianaDevin@gmail.com (he has posted that email online, which is why I’m OK with posting it publicly.)

  2. Go raibh maith agat! I really enjoyed your pod-cast and srry I haven’t been keeping up..it has been a busy time! 🙂 I do have a couple of questions for you about pronunciations…sla’n Leat, Sla’n agat, sla’n agat, sla’n abhaile,agus Sla’n go foill …I know in my head I am saying these wrong and I don’t want to fall into bad habits….Also, which dialect of Gaelic are we learning..Irish or Northern Irish, I’m sure it’s not Scot or Cornish or wales…right? So many questions 🙂 Beannacht-God bless pronunciation? go mbeannai Dia dhuit ? (guv—–Dee-ah —-) ce’ad mile fa’ilte romhat, mo chara….I know the translation I think but pronunciation what is saoirse? ran across the word but no translation…
    I’ll try to content with these questions for now… :)and catch up on more pod casts…le meas, Lottie watson

    1. Thanks for listening, Lottie. And for the great questions!

      Check our Parting Company lesson for exact pronunciations of all the “slán” phrases:

      Here’s about what dialect we use in the online lessons on Bitesize Irish Gaelic:

      Hope that points you in the right direction – I’ll try to cover your questions in all the detail they deserve on a future podcast episode.

  3. Another enjoyable & informative PodCast, Eoin.

    May I suggest to hear how stunningly beautiful the Irish language can be, listen to the songs of Kathleen Macinnes. I recently bought her album “Cille Bhríde”. And lovely it is.

    Slán go fóil.


    1. Thanks for the good suggestion, Ann. I’ll have to mention it in the podcast if I get a chance. Thanks for the comment, I do appreciate it!

    2. Thanks, and I’ve mentioned it in an up-coming episode. By the sounds of it, this is Scottish Gaelic. But there’s no loss in listening – I’ve had a listen of samples and it’s beautiful singing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Is it that bad, or is the audio not working? 😛

      If it’s an audio problem, how are you listening?

      Can you use the “Download” link beside the audio player above to get it to work?

      1. Normally when I pressed the little triangular it started. But now nothing happens. The download doesn’t work either – it says Audio file broken.


        1. Thanks for the extra info.

          What browser are you using?

          Could you please try a separate browser and see if that plays it?

          1. At the moment I am using Firefox 26.0 (it got updated manually yesterday).

            It is really hard to confess: but it works fine with Internet Explorer 8.


          2. And the Firefox update – does the sound work now?

            Which version of Windows are you on?

            Sorry to hear you had to try out IE 🙂

    2. Still not working on Firefox – you are really asking a lot of me – but as it is you I will swallow the pill an listen to you via IE.


      1. What happens when you right-click the “Download” link in Firefox at the top of this page, and select to save the link?

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