The Echoey Classroom, an American Elementary School Teach Learned Irish to Teach in Ireland (Ep. 9)

Teachers in primary schools in Ireland (elementary schools) teach their students each and every subject. With the Irish language being one of those subjects, all teachers generally need to speak Irish to some level. That can be a stumbling block for people who move to Ireland and want to teach. But it didn’t stop Dr. Matt Wallen, the principal teacher of Limerick School Project, a school in Limerick city, Ireland.

What you’ll hear

  • Why Matt moved to Ireland from the States
  • How he began to self-teach himself Irish
  • His top suggestions on how to learn Irish
  • His impressions of Irish people after moving to Ireland

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11 thoughts on “The Echoey Classroom, an American Elementary School Teach Learned Irish to Teach in Ireland (Ep. 9)”

  1. I’m from the Detroit area in Michigan (US) and I recently became interested in learning Irish. This is the first podcast I’ve listened to and I enjoyed it a lot!

  2. Great podcast! It was easy to understand (in spite of the echo) and I found it very encouraging. I just completed an “Absolute Beginners” course taught here in Castlebar and am looking forward to the next level which will begin in mid-January. Here in town we also have a Ciorcal Comhrá every Wednesday night, so I get exposure there as well.

    Maith thú! Go raibh míle maith agat!

    1. Thanks for your earlier email, and for the comment here. Excellent the hear you taking the initiative to seek out local lessons and the Ciorcal Comhrá.

  3. I am checking in from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Your podcast is being well received. No problem listening. Go raibh maith agat. Eoin you are superb.

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