How You Can Use Technology to Immerse Yourself in Irish (Ep. 4)


Have you ever considered learning to speak the Irish language, but felt that you’re alone? Prof. Kevin Scannell says that this is a new age of Irish language, where you can not only immerse yourself in Irish online, but also use it as a way to connect with other learners. He’s a professor at Saint Louis University, Missouri, and his software will help you immerse yourself in Irish.

What you’ll hear

  • How Twitter is ideal for using the little bit of Irish that you do pick up, even if you’re shy to use it
  • How to install Firefox Irish language spellchecker
  • Kevin’s background as an American who learned Irish
  • How technology is helping give a boost to the Irish language offline
  • How making mistakes as a learner is the only way to improve

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8 thoughts on “How You Can Use Technology to Immerse Yourself in Irish (Ep. 4)”

  1. It was cool to hear Kevin’s perspective on learning Irish with the help of online tools and platforms. I thank him for the tools he has made available for us. We need all the tools we can get.

    1. Hmm, the best I know is to use An Gramadóir (link above). I wonder if Kevin has any more ideas about spellchecking in Chrome.

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