The Top Apps for Learning Irish (Ep. 2) [2013]


Would you like to learn some of Ireland’s beautiful native language wherever you are? Our special guest, Terry Simons, covers the very best in iPhone and Android apps related to learning the Irish language. Listen for Terry’s top recommendations for learners, plus for extra apps for Ireland’s native sports.

Terry works in Silicon Valley, but has traveled to Ireland to take the TEG Irish language exam. He attends the annual San Francisco Irish language immersion weekend (which Bitesize Irish Gaelic is sponsoring in 2013).

If you have any comments or suggestions about apps, please leave your comment below.

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15 thoughts on “The Top Apps for Learning Irish (Ep. 2) [2013]”

  1. It would be great if you could do a 2020 version of this topic. But what I listened to here is still relevant and very much appreciated.

    1. There is a growing number of Apps for learning Irish. If you will go to your Apps store and do a search, you should find several good ones to choose from. This may be the fastest growing segment of the Irish language app market. A very good App, Enjoy Irish, which is available for both the iPhone and for Android-based phones. It’s also quite a bargain at $1.99.

  2. Anne-Elizabeth Straub

    I was so happy to see that Bite Size Irish had moved into the podcast space! I’ve listened to your entire output, thus far, and look forward to those following.

    I attend a weekly Rang Gaelige at Rocky Sullivan’s Pub, here in Brooklyn, NY. I was also a subscriber to the Bite Size course for more than a year, I found it very helpful and have recommended it to my classmates. I still use many of those resources.

    The podcast is a wonderful addition!

    This episode about apps provided me with even more to explore!

    Thank you!

    Anne-Elizabeth Straub

    1. Anne-Elizabeth – it’s great to hear from you. Nice to hear that you’re continuing with learning Gaeilge in NY, plus that you enjoyed our online bitesize lessons. Stay in touch.

  3. I looked at that picture of road signs at the top of the column and wondered whatever happened to “broad with broad, slender with slender.”

    1. Dave, tell me about it. Those road signs are atrocious, which is why I took it when we were in Kerry this summer. Still wanted to share it as a view from Ireland.

  4. Terry is my personal Roald Amundsen – whereever I try to find new teaching material – Terry was already there and left a trace.

    I actually used one his memrise courses and must say, that it was OK for a recap and definitely it was good to learn the fadas.


    PS: TEST

    1. Haha… well I like to mix up my own learning style, and I’m a techie, so I like to explore and see what other people have done.

      I’m a firm believer in using every available resource to learn from, and since there are so few resources for Irish as compared to other subjects, every single one is like finding buried treasure.

      1. On the contrary I find there are quite a few resources for irish. And there are a few good ones. The situation for other minor languages is far worse. Believe me!

        At the moment I try to get offline a bit more. I have a 10 year old son who is mad about the computer. And when I give a bad example by sitting behind the machine all day, then he will simply copy my “bad” habit.


  5. i liked hearing this. ive tried a couple of apps in the past on my android. to be honest there seemed to be more choice than to know whats good. thanks for sharing that pdf of the list of app

    1. It’s true that it’s hard to pick from a list that seems not to end.

      Thanks again to Terry for sharing with us his top suggestions of Irish language apps in this episode.

    2. Just in the past year the apps for learning Irish have started becoming prevalent. I’m happy to see so much effort being put in.

      Other art forms like video games are also becoming very popular. For those interested in games, check out

      I’m looking forward to having time to sit down and play through An Aimsir Óg. I love old school role-playing games.

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