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Patience is key – Interview with Peadar

Emma caught up with Peadar to check in on his language learning journey since joining Bitesize at the end of 2019. He talks about the developments he has seen in Bitesize since joining, especially our Aistear platform.

Over the last few years Peadar has incorporated his Irish language learning into his weekly routine and has been exceptionally diligent when attending our weekly Bitesize Beo call on a Tuesday. But this doesn’t come easily! Many people set their expectations too high for themselves and feel disappointed when they don’t progress as fast as they thought they would.

Peadar shares his 7 tips to remember when learning a language :

  • Patience – It is not a quick journey.
  • Understanding – A lot is required but it will come so give it time (patience).
  • Forgiveness – Accept that mistakes will be made by you and others so forgive those who will forgive you.
  • Competitiveness – Make a game out of it and join in with others.
  • Communication – Its good to talk as it is better to learn in a group and exchange ideas etc. than try to learn in isolation. You may be able to go so far alone before needing the support of others.
  • Bravery – Do something new to help learn and make the journey enjoyable.

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Go raibh míle maith agat, a Pheadair. Treise leat!

* If you’d like to give Bitesize Irish a try too, start your own Irish language journey.

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8 thoughts on “Patience is key – Interview with Peadar”

  1. Dia daoibh Emma agus Peadar,
    Loved listening to your interview.
    So inspiring and interesting. I am blown away by how much work everyone of you at Bitesize puts into keeping Gaeilge alive and thriving. Brilliant to hear Peadar talk about his journey. I can’t wait to upgrade in September but in the meantime, listening to radio na Gaeltachta every day, reading all the emails, using Aistear whenever I can to learn grammar and verbs. Love it so much. Go raibh míle maith agaibh.

  2. Michéal O,hannain

    A Emma
    Ta me tareis eisteact leis an agallamh(?) idir tu fein agus Peadar. Fear an suimuil isea e . Bhain me a lan as an agallamh go mormhor focloir a bheith agat, tabhachtact eisteacht le Radio na Gaeltachta, Leabhair as Gaeilge a leamh go hionduil agus a bheith pairteach ingach uile ceacht ata ar fail ag Bitesize Irish ma,s feideir leat.