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Test your vocabulary size – in English

We’re all about helping you build your Irish language vocabulary, but here’s something to test your vocabulary size in the English language. The vocab testing tool Go to and fill in their 3-step vocab test. How did you do? For me, let’s just say it rated me well below the average for me given age group!

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Bitesize Irish Gaelic has been spotted in the wild!

Remember Amanda who teaches Irish Gaelic to her Irish dance students? They were invited to dance at the Saline Celtic Festival 2011 in Saline, Michigan. Amanda was kind enough to have a Bitesize banner and flyers displayed, enticing everyone attending to learn to speak Irish Gaelic. At the end of the day, an Irish trad

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How learning Irish means even more now

The Irish language has had a fair share of ups and downs throughout its history. If you’re learning the language now, or want to, you are part of such a positive force. At the same time, its hard to ignore negative aspects of its history. First, the bad side The 2002 census of Ireland told

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Learn Irish online by watching TG4 television

There’s lots of things you can as part of your Irish learning, and Bitesize Irish Gaelic online lessons is only a small part of it. Immersion in the language lets your brain flip to a new language. You can help it by actively learning, or even by passively watching. TG4 Irish language television is such

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Where our Irish course all started: Slovenia

Bitesize Irish Gaelic was started waaay back in 2008 (correction: 2009). That’s when we came up with the ideas, and Saša claims to have come up with the name. You already know that learning to speak Irish can be fun, but it is hard work. The truth is, you also need to take a break

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Videos: How to Say in Irish Gaelic

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