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Oops: We’ve been teaching you Scottish Gaelic all along

Scotland or Switzerland
Breathtaking view of Scotland. Or is it Switzerland?

Limerick, April 1 2014: I don’t know how to put this.

It’s our bad.

People are constantly getting confused between Irish vs Gaelic, right?

And we slipped up too. Big time.

In preparing our Bitesize online lessons, somehow, somewhere, our course was written for Scottish Gaelic, and not as Irish Gaelic!

Right now, the blame is on an intern. He told us he spoke Gaelic. Turns out, it was Rosetta Stone Gaelic he had learned from (a fine, polished product, please do check those guys out).

I can’t put into words how sorry I am. Thousands of learners have opened accounts with Bitesize Irish Gaelic since 2010. We’ve let each and every one of you down.

To see our mistake, you could register for a free trial, if you like. Just keep in mind it’s actually all Scottish Gaelic (again, sooo sorry).

At this point, I’m not sure whether to give up, or switch our name to “Bitesize Gaelic”. At least the name wouldn’t be such a mouthful.

On the bright side, if you have Scottish heritage, we’re here to help you make a real connection with your Scottish heritage!

I’ll have to brush up now on my Rosetta Stone Gaelic. Hope you’ll join me.

Oh, and by the way, April fools.

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42 thoughts on “Oops: We’ve been teaching you Scottish Gaelic all along”

  1. ha ha funny…lol Happy April Fools a bit late to you…Got a question for you How does one pronounce please in Gaelic le do thoil….and did you get my last post about your name? Is that Gaelic for john? I am trying to figure out how to say a friends name in Gaelic…John… love these lessons <3 go raibh maith agat!! lottie watson

    1. Hi Lottie:

      Yes, I saw your last comment. Eoin is the Biblical equivalent to “John”, yes. So “Eoin” appears in the Irish language version of the Bible.

      To pronounce “Please” in Irish Gaelic, say:

      Le do thoil.

      And pronounce it like:
      /Leh duh hull./

      Checkout our our members Bitesize Lesson: “Excuse Me, Please, Thank you” here:

  2. I just knew that this was an April fools joke, because Eoin you speak Irish Gaelic and you would know the difference, nice try.

  3. Oh, I’m stupid. I spent the whole time reading that, thinking, “Really? Why didn’t I notice?! Is this why they kept telling me off for speaking Gaelic at Irish class?!?” Then I got to the end and you said April Fool’s… No, it all just means my Irish is still rubbish and my Gaelic invades everything.

      1. Yeah… My grandparents had a little and I picked up some from them, and then a couple of years ago got really interested in learning it, so I have a lot more now. Then I got fed up with the complete and utter lack of Gaelic in South Australia and started going along to the Irish Club because I figured, well, the language is close, right? It’s fun to find out about the similarities and the differences, but my Gaelic is better than my Irish, so it invades and I’m told I have a bit of a Gaelic accent.

  4. Jeepers, I didn’t get this until April 2, missing the April 1 posting date, so I was considerably taken aback. Fortunately, the message said to check the posts at the bottom and I did, and discovered it was an April Fool’s joke from yesterday. Otherwise, I had have been in a stunned state for quite a while.


  5. ahahahahah….Have a good month everyone! Eoin you got me the first 2 minutes…. very smart idea for a joke though! Greetings from a sunny Greece!

  6. When I got the email, I immediately cancelled my subscription without even continuing to read on. What am I to do with Scottish Gaelic?…..

    April fool to you as well! Didn’t really cancel- didn’t even think about it.