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Visitor questions: What do I get, and how much does it cost?

Thanks to Mary for taking the time out of her day for asking us some questions on Bitesize Irish Gaelic membership. She wasn’t sure about signing up, and I wanted to clear some things up. I would like to share my answers as it may also help you if you’re considering joining for our online lessons.

Does the Learning program teach the correct pronunciation of each word?

Most definitely! Throughout all the online language course, there are play buttons to hear the Irish Gaelic spoken. You can get an example of this right now on our demo lesson for counting from 1 to 10.

Hit the play button as often as you’d like, and repeat after the recording to practice your Irish language pronunciation.

How much are the lessons?

As at time of writing, you’ll get instant access to all the lessons for $15/month. You can start with any lesson of the language course at any time. We’ll track for you which lessons you have already done and which ones remain.

There’s no reason not to sign up today, you’ll be covered by our 28-day money-back guarantee.

Are they downloadable?

Nope. The whole Irish Gaelic language course is online. You can sign in from any computer. Mark a lesson as completed, and we’ll remember that for you, no matter where you’re logging in from at the time.

If you have any other questions about Bitesize, leave a comment here.

Sounds good?
Sign up for Bitesize Irish Gaelic today.

4 thoughts on “Visitor questions: What do I get, and how much does it cost?”

    1. Hi Albert, yes you can!
      This article is out of date, so if you’d like more information about signing up and our course, feel free to email me on info@bitesize.irish

      You can also access almost all lessons by signing up for a free trial of our online course here: bitesize.irish/try

      If you’ve any questions, please get in touch!
      Slán go fóill,


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