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Guide to Numbers cheat sheet

When you’re learning to speak the Irish language, counting things in Irish is an essential part of your journey.

Yet numbers and counting in Irish can be a complex area, and may be hard for you to figure it out.

We’re delighted to launch a new cheat sheet below by Bitesize Irish, “Guide to Numbers”. The cheat sheet includes:

  • Basic numbers in Irish – Counting from 1 to 10
  • Counting things in the Irish language – When counting things (but not people!)
  • Counting people in Irish – An essential part of the Irish language
  • Ordinal numbers – When talking about the order that things happen or occur (like First, Second, Third)

You can also check our free quick reference cheat sheet: Quick Guide to Numbers.

This cheat sheet is from “Aistear Reference Pack”, which is available to Explore and Grow members. The reference pack is launching a module “A Guide to Numbers and Counting”, and it includes lessons on these different counting concepts. Sign up as an Explore or Grow member.

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Go Deeper Along Your Irish Language Journey

This cheat sheet is based on the module “A Guide to Numbers and Counting” in Aistear Reference Pack, available to our Explore and Grow members.

Sign up as an Explore or GROW member to continue your Irish language journey.

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