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When you’re learning to speak the Irish language, counting things in Irish is an essential part of your journey.

Yet numbers and counting in Irish can be a complex area, and may be hard for you to figure it out.

We’re delighted to launch a new cheat sheet below by Bitesize Irish, “Guide to Numbers”. The cheat sheet includes:

  • Basic numbers in Irish – Counting from 1 to 10
  • Counting things in the Irish language – When counting things (but not people!)
  • Counting people in Irish – An essential part of the Irish language
  • Ordinal numbers – When talking about the order that things happen or occur (like First, Second, Third)

You can also check our free quick reference cheat sheet: Quick Guide to Numbers.

This cheat sheet is from “Aistear Reference Pack”, which is available to Explore and Grow members. The reference pack is launching a module “A Guide to Numbers and Counting”, and it includes lessons on these different counting concepts. Sign up as an Explore or Grow member.

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This cheat sheet is based on the module “A Guide to Numbers and Counting” in Aistear Reference Pack, available to our Explore and Grow members.

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