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More and Better: Bitesize Irish Gaelic Lessons

We’re pleased to announce an expansion and improvement to our Bitesize Irish Gaelic online program.

Let me first explain to you newcomers what the program is all about. Our motto is that you learn to speak the language of your Irish ancestors, in easy Bitesize portions.

Our online program of Bitesize lessons is available when you feel like taking a Bitesize portion of learning to speak Irish Gaelic.

Our Bitesize Method is to take a single Bitesize lesson each day, mixing between new and old lessons. You’ll progress much better over time by taking small steps instead of trying to ingest several hours’ worth of learning at the time.

With all that said, let’s move on to what our members can expect! (And if you’re not yet a member, you can sign up right here to make a real connection with your Irish heritage).

Newly-Added Lessons

These following two new Bitesize lessons have been added for members with the goal of letting you express yourself in Ireland’s native language:

  1. Bitesize Lesson: Better, Stronger Faster
  2. Bitesize Lesson: Best, Strongest Fastest

These will empower you to describe things in Irish Gaelic against eachother. Something is better than something else, or it’s the best type of something.

Those lessons include our phonetic pronunciation guide, and audio recordings, so you can follow along.

These go really nicely with our related existing lessons, Bitesize Lesson: I Love It – I Hate It, and Bitesize Lesson: I Prefer This.

There’s also a “treat” for advanced learners. I call it a “treat” slightly sarcastically, since irregular verbs are both important for advanced conversations and difficult.

We’ve completed our Bitesize lessons on irregular verbs in the Irish language, with eight new lessons on them. They cover the verbs for “go”, “get”, “see” and “bring”. Thanks to Skyler for this request. At the time of writing, these eight new lessons lessons are numbered from Bitesize Lesson 166 onwards. We’re working on adding phonetic pronunciation to these lessons, please be patient. We wanted to get live with this new addition rather than wait.

Improved Lessons

Over on another Irish language forum, there were several complaints that Bitesize Irish Gaelic lessons had mistooks in them (pun intended!!). Really, some people seem to take the negative view on life.

Over the past seven months, we’ve worked with Feena, our Irish language expert. She reviewed every single one of our Bitesize lessons, and made many corrections and improvements. She examined the examples in lessons, and changed them to more appropriate every-day examples where required. She’s university-trained in teach the Irish language to adults. As a member, and you contact us with a language question, you’ll be put in touch with Feena.

This editing meant that for several months in 2014, members were seeing text in some Bitesize lessons without audio attached to it. All those audio recordings have been added to the improved lessons throughout the program, so there are no longer any gaps.

We hope our clan members enjoy our improved and expanded program. If you’re not a member of our Bitesize Irish Gaelic program, and you’re feeling like you’re missing out, then consider signing up today to begin to really speak the Irish language. You’re covered by a full 30-day moneyback gaurantee, so there’s nothing to lose. All of our membership plans, at time of writing, cover the lessons mentioned here.

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