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Awesome modern songs sung in the Irish language

Hat-tip to Bitesize Irish Gaelic member Kenna for this tip. Just watch and listen:

Sé amhrán le Chéile – TG Lurgan – Cainéal na Gaeilge

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The lyrics in Irish are on that YouTube video page, in the description of the video.

More rocking songs in Irish from Coláiste Lurgan

AMÚ Lurgan – “Drive By” le Train as Gaeilge

BEO Lurgan – Some Nights cover le Fun as Gaeilge

(With lyrics on the video description.)

Using music to learn Irish

Thanks to Kenna for the tip of the video above. The song was used in Donovan’s video about his trip to Oideas Gael this year.

Music gets our emotions going, and no wonder that songs in the Irish language (including traditional Irish songs) catch our interest.

The nice things about learning songs is that you get to repeat the same words and phrases over and over. No wonder little kids have rhymes and songs, passed on from older generations, to get them expressing themselves.

Use as many resources as possible to learn, including music videos

Learning Irish is hard, and we need all the language learning resources we can get.

There are excellent resources, including TG4 Irish language television that you can watch online, and listen to Raidió na Gaeltachta online.

Learning through cool modern songs is just another way to get familiar with the music. Mix and match, is our philosophy.

Coláiste Lurgan

So who created all those cool songs in this post? Coláiste Lurgan is a big Gaeltacht-based summer camp for Irish teenagers. Away from the school environment during summer, they get to practice their Irish in a fun environment.

A download of their songs (without lyrics)

Check their Irish songs download page for MP3s they have produced.

And definitely subscribe to the Coláiste Lurgan YouTube channel.

What Irish (Gaelic) songs have you found?

Looking forward to hearing in your comments below about more Irish music videos you think we should all watch.

Let’s finish up with one last video:

Holi Lurgan – Festival of Colours – Féile na nDathanna

(With lyrics on the video description.)

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11 thoughts on “Awesome modern songs sung in the Irish language”

  1. Wonderful, absolutely loved it. My family is from county cork Ireland and keeping our heritage is really important to us. I love seeing newer songs like this sang in Gaelic. Makes my heart feel so happy :).

    1. Und manche sagen, dass Irlandisch nur in Irland wohnt! Sprachen sind für uns alles, egal unsere Nationalitäten!

      ¡Y algunas personas dicen que el idioma irlandés vive solamente en irland! ¡Los idiomas son para todos nosotros, para todos las nacionalidades!

      And they say that Irish lives only in Ireland! Languages are for us all, regardless of our nationality!

  2. Gura mile mhaith…..fantastic…. loved the videos. I just love music and that was excellent performance.

    incidentally i have just returned from a short trip to Dublin. What an awesome experience…definitely a “MUST DO ” again..just a little longer.

  3. Eoin,
    Go raibh mile maith agat for posing all those links.
    These are some really talented people, well worth watching and they deserve the exposure!
    Music is definitely a universal language.
    As you mentioned, learning Irish is hard but I find so much inspiration and motivation with videos like these and resources like Bitesize!
    Le meas,