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Now Learn Irish on Your Bitesize Screen

Learn Irish on Your Mobile Screen

We’re all about helping you to learn to speak Irish (Gaelic) in Bitesize portions. Now you can learn Irish on your Bitesize screen!

That means if you visit www.bitesizeirishgaelic.com on your phone or tablet, you can to dive into our online Bitessize lessons without any pinching or zooming.


Before you go clicking, or pointing, or whatever you’re doing, let me show you a couple of examples.

The first example is our current homepage:

Learn Irish Gaelic on your phone
Land on our Bitey homepage, and you should no longer to pinch and zoom.

The second example is while you’re accessing our online program of Bitesize lessons:

Learn Irish Gaelic on the go
The lessons list of our online program of Bitesize lessons, on your Bitesize screen.

The Proof: Use It!

It’s easy to test out:

That’s a members-only page.

But if you’re not a member, you can still click it. Just follow the instructions to open a free trial account with us (if you have not yet created one). You’ll be brought back to that lesson.

Now is Your Chance to Improve Bitesize

Are you a regular user of Bitesize Irish Gaelic’s online program? Or have you tried the free trial today?

Tell us below if you access the lessons on your phone or tablet, and any problems you had when trying to access our Bitesize lessons since this announcement.

2 thoughts on “Now Learn Irish on Your Bitesize Screen”

  1. moira maclellan

    Thanks, but i’m not quite a beginner. I use Doulingo and Memrise and find both helpful, to brush up. I hope to take the B2 next year, if I can.
    I will pass this on to a few friends.

    1. Hi Moira,

      Thank you for commenting. Feel free to sign up for our free trial here: http://bitesize.irish/account/register/

      You can start from the basic lessons or you can scroll down and start learning more complex lessons.

      You also have the option of choosing the type of the lessons that you want to learn: Vocabulary, Grammar or Conversation lessons.

      Le meas,

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