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Member Interview with Jim

Last week, I had a wonderful chat with our GROW member, Jim. I have never heard someone describe the Irish language quite as poetically and beautifully as he does.

Jim grew up in Pennsylvania, and has actually never been to Ireland, although his childhood and upbringing was very Irish. He felt a calling to learn Irish and decided to answer it.

He has some wonderfully creative ways of learning Irish, and in particular making sure he is using Gaeilge gach lá!

Thank you so much, Jim, for sharing your story and time with me. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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19 thoughts on “Member Interview with Jim”

  1. I just heard Aisling’s conversation with Jim. What a wonderful & inspirational person. His Irish warmth and sense of fun really comes across. I have started to learn Irish several times. I find it difficult, but Jim has inspired me to have another go. And thanks for all the tips on ways to do it & the books too. Go raibh maith agat 🙂

  2. Jim I agree with you.
    It was precisely seeing a Youtube clip of Siobhán speaking in Gaeilge when I heard a sound which was not exactly recognizing but the rhythm and ‘brogue’ that I was looking for ! which got me to Bitesize Irish which got me here!
    That’s all for now, a very very very new learner…
    Maíre slán go fóill!

  3. Terence M McDonough

    Hi Jim, I heard you say you live in MA. I live in Osterville on the Cape. If you live nearby I would love to get together for some comhra. I can also put you in touch with Cumann na Gaeilge.
    Terry McDonough svdusaf@aol.com

  4. Hello Jim,
    My name is Maureen McLane and I grew up on Ann Street in North Braddock…in an Irish neighborhood…..they thought I had a speech impediment with my accent in school…my relatives are Curran’s and Joyce’s…I went to the Irish School…St. Thomas…I now live in Connemara as an Irish citizen…my email is dharmadance@aol.com if you ever want to swap stories…🤗

  5. This was wonderful, a really inspiring and moving comhrá, The emotions that Jim described so well, and his sense of belonging to a place he hasn’t yet visited really resonated with me. Jim’s love of learning the language and his deep connection to the country shine through in every sentence. I’m not able to be around Pobal much at the moment, but conversations like this remind me what a special community it is. Go raibh míle maith agat, Jim and Aisling.

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa, and I’m so glad the interview spoke to you and resonated with you in such a wonderful way. Pobal is there whenever you are able to come back again.

      Le beannacht,

  6. I really enjoyed this interview! I need to try to enjoy learning Irish with Jim’s attitude of being delighted in the journey instead of constantly second-guessing myself, which only makes the learning process stressful. I will watch this chat again when I feel “stuck” and GRMA to the Bitesize staff for all they do!

  7. Hi Jim,
    Absolutely loved your interview and you definitely have the Irish point of views on life. I cannot speak Gaelic yet but I’m slowly learning. You give me hope and inspiration to learn more. Also, you must get to Ireland. It is truly like you have come home once you step off the plane. And you are welcomed like family from all of the Irish people. It’s such a warm and comforting feeling. I know I never wanted to leave and, from what you have said, I know you would feel the same.
    Be Blessed and Safe

    1. Hi Eoin, I wouldn’t be where I am on my Irish journey right now if it wasn’t for you. You’re the one who deserves the thanks.