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The 3 Main Irish Gaelic Dialects (VIDEO)

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Even before you start learning Irish Gaelic, you’ll discover that the language has three main dialects. This shouldn’t scare you in any way sinnce picking up the finer technical points of dialect differences is not something you should worry yourself with right now.

If you want to learn Irish Gaelic, you don’t have to choose a dialect because every Irish speaker will understand you, regardless of their and your dialect.

And if you still have questions about the Bitesize Lessons and the Irish language, you should know we stick to the standardized Irish language where possible (called “An Caighdeán Oifigiúil” – “The Official Standard”).

But you probably want to know more about the dialects and the Gaeltacht (since you’re still reading this article, right?) so we integrated them in our Bitesize Beo event that took place a few weeks ago.

What is Bitesize Beo?

A few weeks ago we created a live video event for Irish Gaelic learners – Bitesize Beo and it was a success. A lot of people joined our webinar and got one step closer to learning Irish Gaelic. We had an amazing audience and the speakers did their utmost to explain and interact with people who had questions.

The 3 Main Irish Gaelic Dialects (VIDEO)

In the following video you can watch our lovely Irish language assistant – Siobhan explaining the differences between the 3 main Irish Gaelic dialects and their variations (yes, there are variations between the 3!)


Keep an eye open for this type of content since we’ll be providing you with an easy way to access it – you’ll be able to see the full Bitesize Beo videos and download the speaker’s notes.

Check out the original Bitesize Beo blog post to learn more about the speakers and what you’ll be able to see in the next weeks.

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