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Learn Irish online by watching TG4 television

TG4 Irish language televisionThere’s lots of things you can as part of your Irish learning, and Bitesize Irish online lessons is only a small part of it.

Immersion in the language lets your brain flip to a new language. You can help it by actively learning, or even by passively watching.

TG4 Irish language television is such a rich resource for learning Irish online, I think we take it for granted.

You may be an avid watcher already, or you may never have heard of TG4. Either way, you can use this week to find a new TV show on TG4 to watch.

How to watch TG4 live

How to watch recorded TG4 shows

  • Go to tg4.ie and go to WATCH, and select a category.

Show tip: “Garraí Glas” (green garden) is a favorite of ours. They visit people who grow their own veg, and you get to see gardens around the Irish countryside. Find it under the Siamsaíocht/Entertainment category.

Which TG4 shows do you like?

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10 thoughts on “Learn Irish online by watching TG4 television”

  1. It is very awesome especially the article facilitates all your belonging needs. Thus material is written in understandable form so that everyone can understand it easily. All material and stuff are easy to understand. I will share it with others, please keep it up.

  2. We watch Garrai Glas, Muintir na Mara, Geantrai, Ceol on Chartlan, but my recent favorite is the series about Innishmaan called Ag Bogadh go hInis Meain. Absolutely lovely. We have a special place in our hearts for Garrai Glas, however. Such an excellent and informative series. If there are any other stations that stream, please send us a line! Thank you!

  3. PLEASE,can somebody give me a ckue as to what happened to TG4 SINCE they supposedly upgraded it ? Prior to this we had absolutely no problems with their stream ,but now the “links” when you click on the program are dead—cookies,privacy and even the spyware has been adjusted with no difference—TG4 still works fine after a first time slow_ness on another computer–but on this 1 ? no way….however,every single other “stream” from japan to even RTE etc still comes in fine. WE really miss Ros na Run and there were those from greece,spain and ecuador crowded around this tiny laptop twice a week enthralled !

  4. I love Ros na Rún! I am soooo addicted. I also love watching Aifric, Bean an Ti sa Chistin, and lots of the documentaries. So much fun!

  5. Ros na Rún beats most English-language soaps I’ve seen or written for. It also features Peadar Cox, a super actor and a brilliant villain. An awfully long time ago, when we were both students, I toured Irish language plays with him round the Gaeltachtai. Then I went off and became a writer in London. He stuck to his roots and became a household name. Now I live in both London and Corca Dhuibhne, where I’m writing this. TG4’s one of the things I miss most when I’m on the other side of the Irish sea.

  6. Caitríona Ni Mhuirgheasa

    I make it a habit of watching/listening to TG4 as I am getting ready in the morning. It really does help to get your brain accustomed to the language. I am already understanding words in the reports!

  7. I’ve been addicted to Ros na Rún for over a year now. I love their drama programs. Seacht, Aifric, Corp agus Anam…. most of the dramas they show are great! and I like the Idir Mna series they’ve shown over the past year or so.

    It’s entertainment, but also a cultural look at Ireland, and I do pick up vocabulary words while watching, as well.

  8. Any music doc produced by Sibéal Teo. They’re the work of Niamh Ni Bhaoill who runs the Ballyferriter Scoil Cheoil an Earraigh with the amazing West Kerry musician Brendan Begley. Next best thing to hearing trad. music live in the pubs is watching it on TG4.