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PDFs Now Available for Irish Gaelic Audio Crash Course

Lough, Derg - Learn Irish

Do you feel like you’re a bit stuck at the beginning with learning to speak Irish Gaelic?

Our audio lessons (based on our Bitesize Irish Gaelic program) were only available in two options up until now:

  1. Audio-only album “Learn Irish With Eoin” on iTunes or on Amazon
  2. Audio and PDF full Audio Program, covering “Learn Irish With Eoin”, and many other lessons as a full program

The album already available on iTunes and Amazon is fine, but those services don’t provide you with PDFs of the audio lessons.

Now we’re making available the popular album “Learn Irish With Eoin” available with accompanying PDFs, and available as a limited CD mailed direct to you, when you securely purchase directly on our site.

The above offer has expired at the end of 2016. The “Learn Irish With Eoin” album is still available as mp3s, but not as CDs.

The beauty of these audio lessons (in the shorter “Learn Irish With Eoin” and the full audio program) is that you can copy them straight into iTunes, or your Android phone or device, or just listen directly on your computer.

That means you can learn to speak Irish Gaelic on the go. Each lesson is on average 5 minutes long, and we don’t expect you to listen to more than one or two at a time.

Eoin recorded the lessons in Limerick, Ireland. In each audio lesson, you hear Eoin explain to you a simple context, such as how to say hello, and how to reply to that expression. There’s time during the tracks for your to participate so you learn as you listen.

The album has a five-star rating on Amazon.com:

Very good and easy to do
— Review by Tyler Steiner on Amazon.com
I’ve been wanting to learn Gaelic for a while and it wasn’t until I stumbled across this CD that I was able to actively pursue that goal. Eoin gives little, easy lessons that you can go over again and again, and not feel like your simply memorizing what sounds come next, but actually what each phrase means. I can’t recommend this enough for those who want to get an introduction to Gaelic.

Now with the accompanying PDFs available with “Learn Irish With Eoin” when you purchase directly on our site, you can print them out and read along to the audio lesson. You’ll see what’s being said in the lesson. They are PDF captures of online lessons from the Bitesize Irish Gaelic program. So if you’re a member, you can already access the text version of the lessons, but the PDFs make it handier for you to read along.

The album “Learn Irish With Eoin” is about two-hours long. You can choose to purchase a version with PDFs, or without, or even opt for all that plus the CD version.

When you choose the CD version to purchase, you’ll instantly get a download of the digital album and the PDFs, and you’ll receive your copy of the limited CD in the mail. We fit the maximum amount of audio onto a CD version of the album too, with 70 minutes of Bitesize audio lessons.

The above offer has expired at the end of 2016. The “Learn Irish With Eoin” album is still available as mp3s, but not as CDs.

If you’re a past purchaser of “Learn Irish With Eoin” from iTunes or Amazon, and would like to download it again with PDFs, please forward your original email receipt to info@bitesize.irish and ask for the accompanying PDFs.

If you have any other questions about Learn Irish With Eoin or our Audio Program, please do ask below!

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