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New Courses: Three Phrases to get you started

Bitesize Irish are launching two new self-paced courses for Irish language learners. These courses are focussed specifically to help with beginners of Irish.

1. Cultúr

The Irish language and our culture go hand in hand. Immersing ourselves authentically in the living culture of Ireland is an intrinsic part of immersing yourself in the language.

“Cultúr” is one of the new courses launching.

2. Bunchlocha

This can definitely be a difficult word for beginners to pronounce!

It means “foundation stones”.

“Bun” means “bottom”, and “clocha” means “stones”.

One stone is “cloch”.

Our new Bunchlocha course gives you a taster of key concepts every Irish language beginner needs to know.

3. Ogham

This bonus word is a sneak-peek into one of the topics covered in the Cultúr course.

Ogham is Ireland’s ancient alphabet, sketched on the side of stones.

Archaeologists believe that the earliest examples of these date from the early centuries AD, but it’s also possible that ogham was used even earlier on wood, which has not survived.

P.S. Try to say “bunchlocha” and leave a reply below to let us know how you’re doing with it!

4 thoughts on “New Courses: Three Phrases to get you started”

  1. The chlocha part is a bit difficult to get…..needs a lot of practice. The little audio is a big help! Great idea.

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