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Can You Use Irish Gaelic Anywhere In Ireland? (Ep. 64) [Re-run]

Can You Use Irish Gaelic Anywhere In Ireland?

The moment you sign up to Bitesize Irish Gaelic, you have access to a lot of audio, video and written resources. But your Irish Gaelic learning experiencing doesn’t stop there since we’re doing our best to provide you with questions to your Irish language questions while also organising live events to help you learn & practice. 

Since we started Bitesize we had the pleasure of meeting many people that have learned Irish Gaelic by using our methods or others’. They usually make a habit of traveling to Ireland to put their Irish language skills to the test of live interaction. But is that possible? With fewer and fewer Irishmen speaking Irish Gaelic, would you have any chance to speak Irish Gaelic across Ireland?

That’s the topic for our Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast – episode 64, where Eoin talks to Caitriona Weafer. She is originally from Mullingar in Ireland but she lives in California. Caitriona visited Ireland and she thinks that you can use the Irish language anywhere in Ireland as long as you speak slowly.

She also provides you with a few ways to improve your Irish language learning effort. Listen to her in our Bitesize Irish Gaelic 64th podcast episode, in English language.

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