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Patrick Kavanagh’s Poem From Ireland (Ep. 58) [Re-run]

Patrick Kavanagh's Poem From Ireland

Ireland isn’t only known for its beautiful landscapes and great people. If we’re talking about culture, a lot of people love the Irish Gaelic language and most of them have read some poems or other literature from Ireland.

When it comes to literature, we have to talk a little bit about the Irish poet and novelist – Patrick Kavanagh who is known for Tarry Flynn (novel) and some amazing poems, such as On Raglan Road or The Great Hunger. Patrick was born in Inniskeen, County Monaghan and began his writing career in the last years of the Irish Literary Renaissance, a cultural movement paralleling the ascent of nationalism in Ireland, culminating with the country’s independence from Great Britain after WW1.

But we’re not here to talk about history. We’re here to honour the work of Patrick Kavanagh and what better way than reading one of our favourites poems in our Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast?

The poem called “A Christmas Childhood” is one of Eoin’s favourites and is featured in this rebroadcast of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast, episode 58. This podcast is in English.

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