Irregular Verbs: Déan (Make/Do): Imperative

This is a walk through lesson on Irregular Verbs: Déan (Make/Do): Imperative which is available to members as part of the Bitesize Cúrsa Irregular Verbs Part 1.

Déan is a very common verb in Irish.

It also is a verb that always requires an object (you cannot say déan on it’s own, you need to say déan é, for example)

The imperative exists in 2 forms; the singular and the plural

  1. Déan (singular)
  2. Déanaigí (plural)

Practice using the imperative in the comments below!

This is an online Irish language lesson walk-through of a Bitesize Cúrsaí lesson by a staff member of Bitesize Irish. Bitesize Cúrsaí is a library online Irish language courses. Featuring thousands of audio recordings with phonetic pronunciation guides. Learn Gaeilge at your own pace.

2 thoughts on “Irregular Verbs: Déan (Make/Do): Imperative”

  1. please can you make all of your lessons accessible? i’m deaf and can’t watch or listen to any of the videos or podcasts as there are no subtitles or transcripts

    1. Hi, that is true, and I can understand your frustration. We don’t have transcripts of videos. Just to note that our online courses Bitesize Cúrsaí for members have a lot of written explanations, and include approximate phonetic pronunciation of audio recordings.
      Le meas,

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