Irregular Verbs: Déan (Make/Do): Imperative

This is a walk through lesson on Irregular Verbs: Déan (Make/Do): Imperative which is available to members as part of the Bitesize Cúrsa Irregular Verbs Part 1.

Déan is a very common verb in Irish.

It also is a verb that always requires an object (you cannot say déan on it’s own, you need to say déan é, for example)

The imperative exists in 2 forms; the singular and the plural

  1. Déan (singular)
  2. Déanaigí (plural)

Practice using the imperative in the comments below!

This is an online Irish language lesson walk-through of a Bitesize Cúrsaí lesson by a staff member of Bitesize Irish. Bitesize Cúrsaí is a library online Irish language courses. Featuring thousands of audio recordings with phonetic pronunciation guides. Learn Gaeilge at your own pace.

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