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Being Polite, Animal Names and other Irish Pronunciation Videos from January

Irish Pronunciation Videos January 2017 article

While acknowledging the beauty of the Irish language, we also have to admit it’s not the easiest language to learn. That doesn’t have to scare you if you’re planning to learn Irish anytime soon but it should encourage you even more.

The harder the task is, the better reward you get, right? If you were to learn Irish, you would be part of a select group of people – those who built an amazing community to preserve Irish culture and language. 

We’re doing our part on this amazing journey you embarked and we provide you with awesome (free and paid) tools to help you learn Irish and most importantly to practice it with others. We’re not divulging too much of our future plans at this time but we’ll say that the Irish pronunciation videos we’ve been adding for free in the past months are just the beginning.

Irish Pronunciation Videos from January 2017

January was a great month for people who want to learn Irish and needed an extra boost since we posted 4 new Irish pronunciation videos on our YouTube channel and blog. Here are the videos if you didn’t get a chance to see them when we posted.

How to say – I like it in Irish Gaelic

How To Say – Pass Me the Salt in Irish Gaelic

How To Say – Wolf in Irish Gaelic

How To Say – You’re Welcome in Irish Gaelic

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