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An Irish Traditional Poem for This Christmas (Ep.58) [Re-run]

Irish Traditional Poem for This Christmas

Ever wondered what’s the difference between Christmas in Ireland and in the rest of the World? We don’t think it should be different since this holiday is all about spending time with the loved ones and offering them gifts, whatever they may be.

Christmas in Ireland is a simple but loved holiday when we acknowledge the important role that others have in our life. We give them presents as a way of saying thank you for all they have done for us in the past year.

Would you also want to know how to say Happy Christmas in Irish? We made this pronunciation video to help you out.

How To Say – Happy Christmas in Irish Gaelic


Since Christmas in Ireland is somewhat traditional and about giving presents, we would want to send you our virtual gift – a traditional Christmas poem, written by Patrick Kavanagh. It’s called “A Christmas Childhood” and it’s Eoin’s favourite poem from Patrick Kavanagh. This is a rebroadcast of the 58th Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast episode when Eoin reads this poem for all our listeners.

This is a re-run of the 58th Bitesize podcast episode in the English language.

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